The List

by Megan Benninger

Dear SBC,
Christa’s called for 15 years
Through shattered heart and angry tears
To have a list
With your assist
To save the little lambs.
Though she persists
You still dismiss

Her simple clear request.

So since you won’t, we’ll take the charge.
Don’t trust you anyway.
We’ll make the asked-for warning space,
A central online database,
Names recorded,
Spoken loud,
Written down,
Easily found,
For all the world to heed.

Hang millstones ‘round the proper necks
Spare more victims’ innocence.
Preserve their bodies, save their souls,
Thwart their trauma, all because
We made the simple list.
And now we say, the story’s ours.
We’ll tell it on our own.
You will not give
The narrative
You’ll wish you could control.

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